Nokia AVA Product Owner

Location: Europe

Date: 17-Oct-2017

Salary: TBC

Reference: IPC117


Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things. With state-of-the-art software, hardware and services for any type of network, Nokia is uniquely positioned to help communication service providers, governments, and large enterprises deliver on the promise of 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. 
Serving customers in over 100 countries, our research scientists and engineers continue to invent and accelerate new technologies that will increasingly transform the way people and things communicate and connect.
Job Description
We are looking for Lead Product Owner for Big Data / Data Analytics solution development, who will possess expertise in modern incremental software development techniques such as Scrum, TDD, Agile and Lean, has strong knowledge of mobile telecommunication networks as well as strong experience in network planning and optimization services delivery, tools and processes.
The Lead Product Owner will support the assessment, validation and prioritization of requirements demanded by Markets or driven by global strategic development. He/she will provide plans, break down and prioritize solution feature development for the development teams. As an interface between the needs of the Markets services business and the solution development teams, he/she will develop and maintain the vision and goals for solutions and understand how these can be incrementally delivered to end users while making best use of development resources and the platform.
The Lead Product Owner will be working with Nokia AVA cognitive services platform. Nokia AVA is a cloud-based platform that combines big data storage, intelligent analytics and extreme automation, allowing Telecom operators to move away from traditional reactive network operations to a cognitive approach that predicts faults and solves them rapidly. As well as delivering today's expert services, AVA will facilitate a more efficient and faster delivery of Nokia services across the entire network lifecycle. This means Care services, Network implementation , Network Planning and Optimization  and Managed Services are supported, with more to come as Nokia continues to move towards cloud-based delivery of services, artificial intelligence and contextualized delivery. AVA ensures low latency, high throughput and extreme resilience of the network. These elements will be key to support operators explore new business areas in the connected world.
Responsibilities and key tasks: 
  • Requirements gathering for development of network planning and optimization use cases and solutions containing Big Data Analytics.
  • Ownership, development and maintenance of solution vision and lifecycle.
  • Frequent communication and close interaction with Markets for understanding NPO Analytics solution offering and use case requirements.
  • Support assessment, validation and prioritization of requirements from Markets and globally driven strategic use cases.
  • Review and sharpen the customer value propositioning of the new use cases and solutions.
  • Break down use case requirements in to small incremental value-add features with NPO Solution Architects and SW Architects, and prioritize with stakeholders.
  • Interface with solution development teams in order to communicate and negotiate feature development, and to be able to quickly answer questions or negotiate solutions.
  • Enthusiastically promote solutions including hands on demonstrations.
  • Contribute to business case development.
  • Further development of analytics content creation process framework for distributed developer community.

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