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Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight. Opening up new revenue streams by analyzing the movement of people through time

Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight provides data on where people come from, how long they stay, and where they are going next. Combined with information on other socioeconomic behavior, this dynamic, real-world data brings great value to real estate, retail, transportation, finance, marketing, and travel and tourism organizations.

Accurate and precise data with full coverage

Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight combines our comprehensive telecom data experience with our deep expertise in data science and advanced analytics. Our data analytics improve your understanding of the movement patterns of people.

Self-service and customized reports

Our self-service and customized reports bring public and crowdsourced information together with data sourced from operator partners around the world. We provide comprehensive, unbiased coverage of populations while stringently securing personal privacy.

Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight supports use cases that address the needs of different verticals:


Maximize your business potential by understanding who visits or passes by your stores and where they go next. With Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight, you get data that helps you deliver better targeted marketing programs, pricing, and promotions. You also get facts that let you answer questions that are essential to your retail business:

  • What are the movement patterns of people in my area?
  • What other retail outlets do my shoppers visit?
  • How is my retail outlet performing relative to its potential?
  • Which area or mall should I target next?

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