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Temporary Resourcing

We identify and deliver project centric technical expertise on behalf of Enterprise clients and System Integrators in order to facilitate IT and Digital Transformation.

We create actionable intelligence that can super charge Talent Acquisition teams success. Iperium creates useable market data that enables Technology companies to plan and pipeline critical high quality talent in line with business need.

Iperium works to elevate our clients brand, creating dynamic engagement, sometimes changing candidate perception and working towards an engagement strategy that minimises the need for expensive search mandates to fulfil short term hiring issues.

Talent Branding and Perception is a key facet of a successful companies Talent Acquisition strategy, Iperium create sustained market branding campaigns designed to improve perception across the addressable talent market most relevant to our clients business.

Particularly suited to Start-Up / Scale Up environments, Iperium will bespoke our service to individual client need. We can provide detail of relevant talent volume through to delivering qualified and committed candidates to Talent Acquisition based on specific research criteria.

With Diversity proving to be a critically important topic within the Technology industry today, Iperium creates Diversity Talent maps therefore enabling clients the vision required to attract the best candidates whilst at the same time improving the Diversity mix at all levels with your organisation.

The Results



Automation Centre Creation

CHALLENGE: Onboard highly skilled Temporary resource with specific Automation experience to upskill permanent team and spearhead the Centre’s growth.

DELIVERABLE: Create Europe’s largest Centre of Excellence for Automation, located in the UK.

OUTCOME: Hosted highly skilled contract resource for a 12 month tenure at Nationwide HQ.


RPA Delivery Centre

CHALLENGE: Deliver Temporary resource with Robotic Process Automation skills to lead financial process transformation.

DELIVERABLE: Upskill Nationwide with Pega Openspan resource.

OUTCOME: Multiple teams delivered on initial 6 month contract terms, with all contractors extended to a 12 month tenure.

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