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Konica Minolta


In order to keep of ahead of Technological evolution, Konica Minolta has invested in new European R&D Innovation Labs designed to utilise some of the worlds most innovative Technologies in order to create next generation products and services on behalf of the organisations existing global customer base.  The Utilisation of technologies include that include Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Converged Infrastructure.

Engagement: Pipeline & Mapping +Managed Service.

Number of Hires: 10+

Locations: Rome, Italy.


Development and R&D expertise in AI, Security, Machine Learning and Robotics.


Iperium created a Talent Mapping strategy designed to demonstrate to Konica the potential sources of relevent talent in Southern Italy which was utilised both an internal legitimiser of R&D Lab location as well as the cornerstone of the search process.  Iperium ultimately enabled Konica Minolta to create a leading team of PhD Engineer and Scientist professionals responsible for working on highly innovative projects creating next generation solutions to be delivered to Konica’s Enterprise customers.