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A refresh of the organisations EMEA Technical Support and Software Engineering teams.  Perforce encountered a business challenge in identifying candidates with the right mix of specific Technical skills coupled with the relevant customer centricity capable of offering outstanding customer support to Perforce’s growing customer base.

Engagement: Talent Search

Number of Hires: 5+

Locations: United Kingdom with local and international search delivery.


Perforce’s software enables Developers to work simultaneously on Programming projects regardless of global location.  Dealing with IT Development teams as customers means that technical ability can be tested robustly and quickly.  Skills in Linux Stack, C++ and having a knowledge of Python, Ruby and Perl make the technical depth of the Support team particularly important.


Having created a new pipeline of applicable candidates that had not previously existed, Iperium has enabled Perforce to move away having an under resourced Support team to the current position where consistent support is delivered to customers.