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In 2007, Ruckus were a leading early stage provider of smart Wi-Fi solutions for Enterprise and Service Provider clients. Working with the companies first appoint outside North America, Iperium were tasked with building out the organisations commercial and support operations in both Europe and APAC.

Engagement: Managed service

Number of Hires: 100+

Locations: 30+ Countries throughout Europe and Asia.


Sales, Channel Managers, Country Management, Regional VP’s, Pre Sales, Marketing, HR and Talent.


Iperium were instrumental in enabling Ruckus to build through multiple phases of growth quickly and efficiently over a 10 year period. During this growth the organisation IPO’d and was ultimately acquired by Brocade in 2017.

“Iperium helped Ruckus grow internationally from the very beginning, up until we sold the company. With their help we were able to expand our international footprint rapidly without huge upfront investments.”

Selina Lo, CEO